Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

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Sid Gets a Girl
Directed by
Produced by
Written by ScratteLover2
Narrated by
Starring John Leguizamo
Emily Anderson
Karen Disher
Chris Wedge
Avril Lavigne
Jennette McCurdy
Editing ScratteLover2
Release date(s) April 12, 2010
Running time
Country USA
Language English
MPAA Rating G
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This is an fanfiction that I came up with when I though of a fourth Ice Age short that should be made, where Sid finally gets a girl. I've chosen to have Rose as the female he gets, although if it was actually was made, the girl would probaly be Sylvia.


Rose comes to Snow Valley, searching for a place to live, after the flood destroyed The Great Valley. Sid is instantly attracted to her, but she dosen't love him, or dose she?

Chapter 1: The Return of RoseEdit

Rose is walking into the valley, looking for a new place to live after the flood, since the The Great Valley was destroyed in it. A female mammoth runs past her yelling, "Out of the way! I'm going to be in trouble!" Peaches accidently knocks her into the snow. Sid walks up to her and says, "You okay?" He grabs her by the hand, and pulls her up out of the snow. Rose says, "Yeah, thanks. I'm fine, why was she running?" Sid says, "She was supposed to been home a few minutes ago." Rose says, "Do you know any place in this valley that I can live? My home in the Great Valley was destroyed in the flood." Sid says, "Yeah, follow me." She follows him to the playground, where he shows her an abandoned cave. Sid says, "You can stay here. No one lives in this cave anymore." She says, "Thanks. If it wasn't for you, I'd have to live in the ice cave." Sid says, "Don't I know you from somewhere? Aren't you the red sloth I saw laying on Ice Age in the Great Valley? Remember I was the one that looked muscular behind the ice? You liked me for a few seconds, but I liked you long after you left." She yells, "PIG!" She kicks him, then walks over to the playground leaving Sid laying on the ground in pain. A few minutes later Ellie walks up and asks, "Sid, what happened to you?" Sid says in a weak voice, "A female sloth kicked me when I told her that I liked her. She look mad at me when I told her that." Ellie grabs Sid by the hand and pulls him up but he says, "Uhhh... I feel light head."