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Ice Age 5: The Revenge of Red-Horn
Distributor ScratteLover2
Release date(s) March 23, 2010
Starring Karen Disher
Kristen Johnson
Queen Latifah
Jennette McCurdy
Nicole Kidman
Simon Pegg
Chris Wedge
James Edmund Godwin
Denis Leary
Frank Welker
Country United States
Language English
MPAA Rating PG for Violence and Some Blood
Preceded by Ice Age 4: The Th4w
Followed by Ice Age: Happy Halloween

Ice Age 5: The Revenge of Red-Horn is a fanfiction written by ScratteLover2.


Plot SummaryEdit

The fanfiction will pick up right after, The Land Before Time/Ice Age crossover, Sylvia and Scratte's kids have been able to walk since Ice Age 4. But what will happen when Red-Horn, (who somehow survived the fall in The Land Before Time/Ice Age crossver) returns and threatens to kill Flood, Guan, Buck, Rudy and Scratte for what they did to him in their first and second encounter.

Part 1: The Return of Red-HornEdit

In the Dinosaur Valley several ceratosaurus are looking around in cave and one of them, Red-Horn says, "We are going to get are revenge against Flood, Guan, Buck, Rudy and Scratte." Then they head through the Jungle of Misery reaching the exit of the cave and they head up the Skeleton Bridge in to Snow Valley. The screen fades black and the song "Whisper" By Evanescence starts playing. When the song ends Sylvia is going to go check on her kids, and she runs into Shelly and Scratte, who are cryinh as they are still upset about Sid dying. Sylvia says, "Come on guys, I know Sid is dead, but we have to let him go and move on with are lives." Then Shelly says, "You try losing your father and see how you feel!" She goes running off and Sylvia says, "Shelly! Wait!" Rudy, Flood and Momma are down by the ice river eating piranhas for breakfast and they hear a roar that is very familiar to them. They run back to the playground where everybody is and Shelly tells Manny, "Manny, Red-Horn and his herd are in the valley somewhere." Then he says, "How? I though Rudy shoved him off the cliff and the killed him." Manny and Ellie get everyone in the caves, so they'd be safe from Red-Horn. Slvia gets Scrat, Peaches, Ellie and the Baby Dinos to follow to her cave, but Red-Horn steps down in front of them, he bites at them and Manny yells, "No!" Then Rudy charges at Red-Horn and knocks him into a rock wall, and Manny says, "Run! Get to the Cave!" Flood and Momma get next to Rudy while the Sub-Zero Heroes run into a cave for safety. A ceratosaurus runs at Flood but Rudy grabs it by the neck, then he tosses it aside dead. The others are starting get worried but Red-Horn forces one of them to attack Momma. But Rudy manages to stop it to, one comes up behind Rudy and Momma grabs it by the neck, killing. Then she tosses it aside and she sees Red-Horn staring at her. He claws her across the cave and that infuriates Rudy into charging at every ceratosaurus he sees. He knocks a ceratosaurus into the ice river, drowing and he chases Red-Horn to the entrance of the dino world. Rudy head-butts Red-Horn and he falls back into the cave, but he immedialty comes back up. Flood and Momma managed to kill to more ceratosaurus. Scratte and Buck show up at the fight, Scratte pulls out her pistol and starts shooting at a ceratosaurus, which distracts it for a while. Flood comes at the Ceratosaurus, and bites it around the neck, she breaks it's neck. She drops it, leaving her teeth dripping with blood. All the other ceratosaurus are scared when they see how many of them were killed, so they all run back into the dino-world. Scratte puts her pistol away, while Rudy, Momma and Flood push all th bodies of the ceratosaurus down into cave and off the cliff. Rudy sees a ceratosaurus on the other side of the bridge, he roars at it, which causes it to run back into the dino-world. A few hours later Red-Horn and three ceratosaurus are sneaking up through the cave, but they have no idea Rudy and Momma are standing guard. Rudy and Momma turn around they see them sneaking through they head down in there. Momma knocks one off a cliff, into the lower cavern, Rudy snaps the neck of another. He also knocks one into the canyon and Red-Horn runs back into the cave before Rudy can catch him. They head out of the cave and back to the playground the net morning where Yoko tells them what happened last night, "Four ceratosaurus were trying to get into valley. But Momma and Rudy killed three, but Red-Horn got away." Then Buck says, "They must want revenge against Momma, Rudy, Flood, Scratte and me. That's the only the only reason the tried to kill us." Then Manny says, "Actually, they tried to kill Ellie, Peaches and Sylvia too." Then Buck says, "Why would Red-Horn go after them? He dosen't even know them." Ellie says, "He probaly has a grudge against all of us, since we are all friends." While the kids are playing, Momma, Rudy and Flood are watching them, making sure nothing gets to them, they hear a familiar roar and they get everyone in the cave, except for Scratte and Buck. Momma, Rudy, Flood, Buck and Scratte head to the entrance of the dino-world to make sure nothing can get out. They see a pack of ceratosaurus coming up the path. Scratte pulls out her pistol and the others get ready to fight the oncoming threat. They see that Red-Horn is at the front of the pack which makes Rudy more determined to kill him. Rudy lets out a roar, which makes all the ceratosaurus look up and they see Rudy and the others up they. They stop at the trail, knowing if they go up there, they'll. Red-Horn sends three up to the cliff. But Rudy charages directly at one and knocks it off the cliff. When it hits the ground, it's dead. Then others start to get worried, when the other two come plummeting to the ground, a few of the younger ceratosaurus retreat, while the older ones stay to fight. Buck says, "If they come up here, they be in for a surprise." Buck and Scratte run up the back of Flood and they stay up there, when ten ceratosaurus show up on the cliff, including Red-Horn. One of them attacks Momma, but Rudy hits it with it's tail and it falls off a cliff to ground. Rudy attacks one and he grabs it by the neck, then tosses it off the cliff. Rudy and Momma gets three of the cornered, then Flood is left alone to fight to by herself, Rudy comes running and saves her before they can kill her, Scratte and Buck. After all the fighting only three Ceratosaurus are left, including Red-Horn, Rudy charges at them and they run back down the hill, to the jungle. They head back up to the Skeleton Bridge and back to Snow Valley, where Momma, Rudy, Flood, Buck and Scratte fall asleep. The next day, Red-Horn comes out of the cave by himself, he says to Rudy in their language that he surrenders. But when Rudy turns around there are three ceratosaurus with him, Rudy hits one with his tail. Knocking it down, then Flood finishes it off, while Rudy and Momma fight the other three. Rudy manages to knock one into the ice river, where it drowns. Red-Horn is left to fight for himself, but Momma starts to chase him to the cave entrance, with Rudy and Flood just watching. When they reach the cave entrance Rudy is there blocking the entrance and Momma is chasing Red-Horn right towars Rudy. Red-Horn is the cornered by Rudy, Momma and Flood. Red-Horn starts to get nervous when he sees the others surrounding him. Rudy then attacks Red-Horn and...

Part 2: RevengeEdit

Rudy then attacks Red-Horn and a ceratosaurus comes out of nowhere and knocks Red-Horn out of the way. Rudy bites the ceratosaurus and Red-Horn escapes back in the dino-world. Rudy pushes all the bodies down into the cave and off the cliff just like last time. The others walk up and Shelly says, "Rudy. As many as them you have killed, his pack should just give up, your to tough to defeat even with the whole pack." Then Rudy bends down and nuzzles Shelly, then gets back up. Then Sylvia says, "I guess he really dose want revenge against us. But with Rudy, Momma and Flood on are side, no way they can stop us." Rudy, Momma, Flood, Scratte and Buck are planning to go into the Dino-World to find the cave of Red-Horn and his pack. Scratte brings the bag of ammo and pistol given to her by the doctor. Buck says, "Okay everyone. Make sure we stick together." Scratte packs enough food for her and Buck to last three days in the Dino-World. She carries the bag of ammo across her back and the bag of food across Buck's back, then they climb up onto the Back of Rudy where they set their supplies down on Rudy's back. They pass through Guan's Berry Jungle, where they meet Guan and she said that her and her pack want to help them to defeat Red-Horn. They follow Rudy, Momma, Flood, Buck and Scratte. They find an abandoned cave and Guan says, "Don't worry. This is cave we used to live in. We can spend the night in this cave." They all head into the cave and Scratte sets all her supplies behind a rock, where Buck, Guan and Scratte fall asleep. The next day Rudy and Momma are outside the cave with Guan, Buck asks Guan, "What happened? Why are you guys out here." She says, "Red-Horn and a small group of Ceratosaurus walked past the cave this morning. So we decided to stand guard for now." Then Buck goes back into the cave and tells the others, "They were just stand guard, becuase a pack of ceratosaurus had walked past the cave, including Red-Horn." They pack up all their supplies and they continue the walk to the Ceratosaurus Cave. On the trail, they come across a cave that is in ruins and Buck asks Guan, "Guan, What is this?" Then she says, "It is the cave that I was born in. I was born here with three sisters and a brother. When I was yound Red-Horn attacked the cave and I was the only one that made it out." Buck, Scratte, Guan and a male guanlong walk into the cave, to look around for supplies. Buck finds a rock, that he is going to us to sharpen his knife. Scratte finds a stick and several darts, with a bottle of poison it. Guan says, "Careful with that Scratte. Put the liquid on the darts, but become you don't jab yourself, it could kill you. Put the darts in the tube and blow threw the tube." She takes it and shoots a dart out of it and a spider falls down from the cave ceiling. Then Guan says, "See. It will kill anything in punctures. It might work on Red-Horn if you shoot enough into him." Scratte climbs up to the ceiling, pulls down some spider webbing and puts it in the bag she brought with her. Guan yells, "Scratte! Get down from there, Quick!" Scratte sees a giant spider coming, so she pulls out her pistol and starts to shoot at the spider and Guan shoots several darts into the spider, Scratte fires one last shot and the spider falls to the ground, where Guan kills it with her claw. Scratte comes down from the cave and Guan says, "That's one reason I didn't stay in the cave after my family was killed, my parents kept me safe from the spiders that live in the cave." They come out of the cave and Buck asks, "What happened? I heard gunshots and yelling." Guan says, "We were attacked by a giant spider in the cave, but we killed it." Rudy goes into the cave, to make sure that there are no more spiders in the cave, in the cave he is swarmed by three spiders, but he kills them. Buck goes in, sees all the dead spiders and says, "Okay guys you can come in the cave now, all the spider's are dead." Then all of a sudden a giant spider comes down from the ceiling and lands over Buck, he manages to hold it back with feet. Rudy grabs it in his jaws and kills it, Buck says, "Thanks Rudy. I forgot about he extra-large spider in the cave." Flood walks into the cave, not knowing what has gone on in the, the others decide not to tell after the hide to spider bodies. Then Guan says, "I'll climb up to the ceiling and make sure there are no spiders left." She climbs up to a high cliff, and she looks around for spiders. She comes back down and says, "There aren't anymore spiders in the cave. But I did find this." Then she throws a bag on the ground and Scratte reloads her gun and points it in the bag, and she fire a few shots, then she pulls out a giant spider, dead. In the bag is some silk, and tons of eggs. Buck starts a fire and burns the bag, as they don't need anymore Spiders crawling around the cave when they sleep at night. Unknown to the others there is a Dilophosaurus in the cave. It is Dilo's brother, who is seeking revenge against Guan for killing his brother. Later that night Scratte pulls her gun out, becuase she heard a noise, she wakes up Guan and Rudy and points up to a cliff. Rudy looks up there and he knocks the Dilophosaurus off the cliff, it sees Guan, Rudy and Scratte pointing the gun at it. It goes running out of the cave, with Rudy after it. Rudy comes back in the cave and they fall asleep. The next day, Scratte is walking around the corner and she screams, Buck and Rudy come running and they see the Dilophosaurus from last night dead and Red-Horn standing over it. Buck tells Scratte, "Run!" They head into the cave, Momma and Flood come running out of the cave, Guan, Buck and Scratte are up on a cliff outside the cave. Scratte starts fire her gun and Guan starts shooting poison darts, but the darts just bounce off of Red-Horn's skin, so she stops shooting. Scratte aims for Red-Horn's neck and he looks up to the cliff, but Scratte, Buck and Guan got down before he could see them. He turns back to Rudy and he feels more bullets hitting neck, he looks up to the cliff and Rudy hits Red-Horn with his tail, which knocks him back. Guan fires a dart at Red-Horn and it bounces off just like the others, after a while Red-Horn just leaves the cave, then Scratte, Buck and Guan come down the cave, and Guan says, "At least we know we have a way to stop Red-Horn now."

Part 3: The End of Red-HornEdit

Buck, Scratte, Guan, Rudy, Momma, Flood and Guan's herd are talking about a plan to stop Red-Horn once and for all. Guan says, "Okay we get Red-Horn to the spot where we killed Dilo, and we knock him down into the lava. No way he'll survive that fall." Then Buck says, "That just might work, if we can get Rudy up to the cliff in time to knock Red-Horn off, like you knocked Dilo off." The male guanlong called Brandon walks up and says, "I agree, but where is Lava Falls?" Then Buck points to lava falls and he says, "It's right at the top of that cliff there." Brandon says, "Guan, you don't have to get Red-Horn up to the cliff. I have a feeling that who ever leads Red-Horn up to the cliff will die, I'll do it." So they pack up all their supplies and they head over to the Plates of Woe. Buck and Scratte, head over to a cliff where Roger comes flying up, and they get him to fly up to Lava Falls. But first they head back to the gang, and Buck says, "We'll get Red-Horn to follow us and you meet us a the cave over there at Lava Falls. Then Brandon will get Red-Horn up to the cliff, he will get down and Rudy will knock Red-Horn off the cliff into the lava." All the others agree with the plan and they are going to put it into action the next morning. At night Guan is sleeping with Brandon istead of Scratte and Buck. She asks him, "Are you sure that you want to do this? I mean Red-Horn could kill you before you even have a chance to run." Then he says, "I know. But it's better is I do it than you or any of the other girls. Yes I'm talking about Scratte and Flood too." The next day, Brandon and Rudy start to head over to the hill, where the ceratosaurus cavern is, Brandon whispers to Rudy, "Be quiet when I go in there and when you hear me yell, run to the top of the hill and wait for me and Red-Horn to get up there." He sneaks into the cave and yells, "Come on! Come and get me you worthless bunch of Ceratosaurus. Rudy runs up to Lava Falls and Brandon comes running out of the cave with Red-Horn and five ceratosaurus chasing after him. When they reach the hill Brandon climbs to the top, but the Ceratosaurus stop, because they know if they and climb the hill they'll just slip back to the bottom. Red-Horn roars up at Brandon and he yells, "Ha! You can't reach me know can you!?" Red-Horn tries to climb up the hill, but he just slides back down it when he tries. Brandon starts laughing as each ceratosaurus tries to climb up and fails. Guan from a high cliff yells, "Brandon! You have to get Red-Horn up to Lava Falls or our plan won't work!" Then he stops laughing and remembers the plan, "Oh, Right." He starts to tease Red-Horn and he climbs up to the cliff, where Brandon gets corned by Red-Horn and Guan says, "No! Brandon!" Then Red-Horn bites down into Brandon's sides, Rudy comes out of nowhere and rams right into Red-Horn and in a fit of rage, shoves Red-Horn Right of the cliff of lava falls, down into the lava. The other ceratosaurus go running off and Guan, Buck and Scratte reach the cliff, Guan runs over to Brandon and Brandon says, "Guan... I... told ... you... one... of.. us... would... die... if... we... tried... to... get..." Then Guan stops him and says, "Yes, but why'd you do it. I loved you more than anyone." He says, "So... you... would... live... without... fear... of... Red-Horn..." Then he says, "I... Love... You..." Then he collapses in Guan's arms, angrily she starts crying and storms off, with the others following, Flood picks up Brandon and places him on Momma's back so they can carry him back to Snow Valley. While they are heading back through the jungle, they see a ceratosaurus, but Rudy just stares at it and it runs off. They eventually reach Snow Valley, where Rudy digs a hole for Brandon and they place him in. Then Momma pushes the snow back into the hole with her tail and Guan says, "Last thing Brandon had said to me was: I Love You." Then she heads into a cave, along with her herd, and they don't return for a while. Then the song, "My Last Breath" by Evanescence plays in the credits.

File:My Last Breath

Cast Edit

Main CastEdit

Karen Disher Scratte
James Edmund Godwin Brandon
Karen Disher Guan
Kristen Johnson Sylvia
Queen Latifah Ellie
Jennette McCurdy Peaches
Simon Pegg Buck
Denis Leary Diego
Ray Romano Manny
Josh Peck and Seann William Scott Crash and Eddie
Chris Wedge Scrat
Carlos Saldanha Egbert and Yoko
Avril Lavigne Shelly
Nicole Kidman Flood
Frank Welker Momma and Rudy


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