Ice Age 3 Unit 1 Test/ Type the answer beside each question.

1. What did Sid do to have his own family? He finds three dinosaur eggs in the Ice Cave

2. What names did Sid give to the baby dinosaurs? He names them Egbert, Yoko and Shelly

3. What is the name of the baby dinosaurs' mother? Her name is Momma

4. Where did Manny and Diego get trapped? (Hint: It's a world of plants.) They got trapped in the Carnivorous Plant.

5. What is the name of the place where the Guanlongs live? The Plates of Woe.

6. Did Manny want to keep Ellie safe? Yes, he wanted to keep her safe because of their child.

7. What was Manny's nightmare about in the movie? It was about Ellie getting killed by Rudy.

8. What does Manny mean when he says "the most dangerous place in the world? He meant that the Dinosaur World was the most dangerous place in the world, because of the Dinosaurs and Rudy.

9. What did Ellie say before she said the place in Manny's nightmare is bigger than mammoths? She said, "What's Wrong" when Manny woke up screaming.

10. When Manny risked his life, does that make him a hero? Yes, it would, even though that it is the third time he has: In the first film, when he saved Diego from falling in the lava and almost getting killed himself. In the second movie when he grabbed Ellie's trunk to save he from falling in The Misty Chasm. In the third movie when he helped Buck ensare Rudy and just coming into the Dino World.

Test created by Icebaby