Ellie's spirit thingy

Ellie is Manny's wife. The Guanlongs are trying to capture her so they can take her protoplasm out because her protoplasm is the pure soul to reawaken The Abomination Predalien so it can steal her blue soul and a Guanlong demon can possess her body and give her a Guanlong soul and turn her into Guanlong Ellie.

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At some point Ellie was finally captured and knocked unconscious by Guanlongs and taken to their cavern and tied to two rocks and a pincer gets activated and puts a white light on Ellie's face and pulls her protoplasm out and Ellie's lifeless head goes down and the pincer takes Ellie's protoplasm to The Abomination Predalien's body and the pincer puts Ellie's protoplasm in the body which awakens The Abomination and The Abomination walks toward Ellie's lifeless body and picks up her trunk and steals her blue soul from her trunk as it leaves her lifeless head down and The Abomination succeeds in stealing her blue soul and The Abomination commands a Guanlong to go to Ellie's lifeless body and the Guanlong puts her lifeless head up and puts a green soul in her mouth and the Guanlong puts Ellie's lifeless head down and leaves and a Guanlong demon jumps toward Ellie's lifeless body and puts her lifeless head up and puts its finger and thumb on the sides of her head and the demon smiles and laughs at Ellie's body knowing it was finally going to possess Ellie as it opens her mouth and puts its finger under her chin and the demon looks confuse as its right arm enters Ellie's mouth and the demon turns white as Ellie's camera switches to the back of her body and the demon growls at Ellie's lifeless body as it enters her mouth to turn Ellie into a Guanlong slave and many Guanlongs smile as they watch their female mammoth prisoner get possessed and Ellie's Guanlong soul enters her mouth and a white swirling thing enters Ellie's trunk and Ellie's lifeless body moves as the demon's ears enter her mouth and Ellie wakes up after the demon's feet enter her mouth and Ellie's eyes turn orange and Ellie turns into Guanlong Ellie